Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogs - Building Block of Web 2.0 Collaboration

Web 2.0-enabled technologies are emerging as disruptive in the innovation sense popularized by Harvard Business Professor Clayton Christensen.

Example: Online Learning Update - originally launched in 2001 to serve students studying the advent of learning online. Now, 8,500 posts later, the blog has a reach that far more than ancipated. Type the words online learning into Google and you get some 60,000,000 returns!

This little blog comes up #2 or #3.

Look at the data of who has visited the blog in the past day.

And, yet, that is dwarfed by the RSS visitors to the blog. RSS is the engine that drives dissemination of blogs, podcasts, wikis and other Web 2.0 collaborative publication technologies.

It is simple to add an RSS feed via your web browser, or Google, or a hundred other services.

The comment mode makes it interactive! Multiple authors may be authorized for a blog.

Micro-blogging is an emerging tool - you can tweet with twitter! Reviews of 10 tools.

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